You Oughta Be In Pictures

  No, really. You should have a picture on LinkedIn. I’m not going to go on and on – as we have done here, ad nauseum – about the quality of,  and pose you choose for, your picture – that horse is dead. But, please put...

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The Road To Self-Reinvention

4 weeks ago, a former consultant reached out and asked for help: his wife had been looking for a job, hadn't gotten any luck, and needed guidance. She’s not in the technical field, said he. Could Vivo possibly help? Assessing the situation, the wife – let’s...

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Top 10 Interview Rules to Follow

Having conducted several interviews over the past few months for our expanding office in Salt Lake City, UT (as well as daily phone interviews with consultants) there are 10 important interview rules that if followed, create a strong foundation for the prestigious “next steps” in...

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