4 Steps To Be More Proactive In Your Job Hunt

4 Steps To Be More Proactive In Your Job Hunt

Let’s keep this simple and straight to the point: If you want a recruiter to fight for you from all angles to get placed in a position, BE PROACTIVE ON YOUR END.BeProactive

We are always striving for our candidates to get placed in any and all open positions, but knowing you past a resume stand point makes that easier on our end.  Here are a few pointers on how you can make both your job hunt and our placing of you that much easier and efficient.

  1. Keep us updated. If you are currently job hunting and working through some other opportunities that you didn’t find with us, let us know.  We may know the hiring manager at that company and can put in a good word.  We may also be able to use those other opportunities as leverage to get things moving much quicker on our end.
  2. Check new job listings periodically or set a reminder to check for new listings. Our job board is always changing, and we are not knowledgeable of every single listing.  If you come across a position that looks interesting to you, let us know.  It allows us to get you started with the screening process that much quicker.
  3. Build a relationship with us. If you let us know how an interview went or what circumstances may have changed for you while job hunting, it helps us be a better resource for you moving forward.  By becoming a friend to us, and not just another candidate, it allows us to place you more effectively and keep you on our radar AT ALL TIMES! J
  4. Don’t be afraid of change. In order for you to pop off the page to some of our clients, we need exact wording and phrases to stick out on your resume.  For example, if you have worked with a software that’s in the job requirement that doesn’t show up well on your resume, brag about it more.  If you are looking for a job as Business Analyst and your work history doesn’t list that title in it, change it.  We don’t want you to lie about anything you have or haven’t done, but be open to the synonymous job titles that are out there.

By following these 4 simple rules, your job hunt will become much less stressful and much more SUCCESSFUL!!!


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