A New Spin on Sexism in the (Tech) Workforce

This article certainly caught my attention. I can admit that I’d never really thought about these subtle differences in communication styles, and how they may be impacting career movement and growth. I have noticed that women resist words they consider “bragging”, and are (usually) less comfortable...

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Posture Counts!

Don't slouch! You've heard it a thousand times (usually said by your own mother!). But, did you know it could be costing you your next job? We are often surprised when a really great candidate or former consultant fails his or her interview. But, the...

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10-second Resume Review

As recruiters, we review countless resumes on a daily basis.  On any given day, the average corporate or agency recruiter reviews 100 to 200 resumes. This means, on average 5-10 seconds per resume is spent making the decision whether a candidate is  worth contacting for...

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