Information Management & Analytics

Properly protected, data can be your biggest advantage against your competitors. We can secure your data and find new ways to aggregate and leverage it.

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Team analyzing information
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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers are sensitive, delicate processes. We can develop a strategy for your M&A process, provide oversight, and help integrate assets so that they deliver to their greatest possible potential.

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Agile Solutions

Looking to make your team more efficient? Agile organizes workflow to minimize wasted time.

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Business Transformation
Strategy development drawn concept

Technology Strategy & Business Process Realignment

It’s not enough to just keep up. You have to stay ahead of the pack. We can help you find the best IT works, improve performance, and grow revenue.

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Delivery Leadership

You need sound leadership right now. Our project management team will keep your projects on time and under budget, ensure consistent reporting, and identify and eliminate potential risks.

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Business Enablement

Creating an environment that fosters collaboration is easier said than done. We’ll work with your creators to develop efficient workflows, and identify and implement a CRM that’s right for you.

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“Man on the Street”
Business Referral Program

We know that the strongest possible review that a business like Vivo can get is a personal recommendation. Word of mouth is a powerful thing! Over the years, our well connected IT consultants, associates, and colleagues have shown that they are the best way for us to generate new business.
The Man on the Street (MOTS) referral program is Vivo’s way of compensating those who trust us enough to share their contacts with us. If we close business with a contact you refer, you make money.

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