The Mastermind Behind Vivo’s Exceptional Customer Support

The Mastermind Behind Vivo’s Exceptional Customer Support

What do Vivo and great customer service have in common? I know the answer and she’s called Jamie. When you start a new job through Vivo, Jamie makes sure you’re settled, acclimated, and happy. She turns frowns upside down and bans them from appearing ever again. She’ll even feed you and treat you out to lunch! We sat down with Jamie to learn the secret to her success.

Name: Jamie Reifenberg

How long have you been with Vivo?
2 years!

What’s your official title?
Engagement Manager.

But what do you really do?
Consultant relationship management… this means strengthening trust between Vivo and consultants; providing fast problem resolution to contracting issues such as on-boarding, time entry and conversion; and much, much more.

What other hats do you wear?
VMS management coordinator. I’m also a master spy! I get leads that enable Vivo to figure out where to focus its business development activities.

What’s your hidden talent/skill? Anything about your background that our clients and consultants may not know?
I used to be an elementary school teacher. I’m also a karaoke queen, a pretty darn good cook, and I bake awesome chocolate coconut brownies. Ask the recruiters!

Poking fun at ridiculous interview questions, if you could be any animal on top of a moving train, what is your favorite coffee?Kona coffee blend. No fancy Starbucks coffee for me.

I say Vivo, you say….?
YEAH! : )

What’s your number one interview/resume/presentation tip?
Be clear and concise. Just get rid of the nonsense.

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