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Must-Have New Releases Lead to Must-Contain Waste

[caption id="attachment_1264" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Get paid to recycle your unwanted mobile phones"][/caption] One of the fun things about my practice, is getting to review so many great products and services that answer simple but widely-felt problems, common to all of us. Many of us have encountered...

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Looking for a Job is a Full-time Job

  Forgive me if you’ve heard this lecture – er, I mean discussion from me before.  But, it’s the number one thing I tell executives with whom I’m working on their job searches: Looking for a job, is a full-time job.  Any more can burn you...

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Vivo, Inc. Launches

New name. New office. New offerings. New website. Needless to say, the last couple of months have been a little wild. After three successful years under the iTalent Solutions banner, we wanted to celebrate our growth by re-branding—taking a good, strong look at our past...

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