You’re Being Vague. Can You Tell Us What You Really Think?

You’re Being Vague. Can You Tell Us What You Really Think?

TellmehowyoureallyfeelThis is too good not to share.  One of our recruiters, innocently sent the following e-mail:

“Hi [name removed to protect the candidate],

I had sent this job description to you later last week and never heard back. I was wondering what you think and if you would be interested. Is there a good time early next week where we could discuss the details? Please review the description below so you can see which position I am referring to.


[Silly Recruiter] (Not his real name.)”

An hour and a half later, he received this in response,

“Let me see…
I have not done Java in 4 years because the jobs were crap (boring, working with people that do not speak English!
The job description is in San Jose and I HATE people from the South Bay!
I am a Flash Game developer (MUCH more interesting).
Java is dying because they gave all the jobs to [deleted racist comment] and the best talent has moved on! The father of Java left Oracle!
I would rather slit my wrists!
I not interested now, in the future , or in the past in crappy Java Jobs!
Did that answer your question [silly recruiter]? “

Whoa there buddy. Thanks for the laugh!