Mission Accomplished – Vivo helps build Network Computer Infrastructure in Zimbabwe

Mission Accomplished – Vivo helps build Network Computer Infrastructure in Zimbabwe

In May 2012, Vivo and MILESTONE hosted a fundraiser and the two companies joined forces with Lajos Koppanyi and The Evangelical Alliance Mission (a non-denominational organization) to help a humanitarian cause in a very techy way! Their mission was to help save lives by raising funds to purchase and install the first local area network at Karanda Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe, Africa.

Lajos has given us an update on his trip and the results of our efforts!

“After a hard disk failure in the main server, several power outages and other technical and logistical challenges, I am so happy to say that our mission is accomplished! Karanda Hospital now has a networked computer infrastructure that will replace the old paper and hard document-based system and serve patients more efficiently,” said Koppanyi.

Koppanyi thanks VIVO and MILESTONE for all our financial and moral support. “Without your faithful participation, my execution of this trip would not have been possible. You enabled me to achieve my goals. You have been a part of a humanitarian project that made a positive impact on the lives of many people.”

He continues stating, “Unfortunately one of the hard disks in the server got internally damaged while it was shipped from the United States. This caused the system to crash towards the end of the server configuration. I lost at least two days’ worth of work, and had to start over the entire installation and configuration process. However, I was still able to finish the project properly and on time,” said Lajos.

Lajos installed and configured all components, setup user accounts and setup home directories to store used data. Additionally, he setup the backup device so the daily user data would be secure. Furthermore, Lajos was able to train the IT technician and the user community.

Lajos explained he was blessed to experience the local way of living during his one week duration at Karanda Hospital. “I became familiar with cold water showers, regular power outages and no access to any grocery stores or any other basic necessities,” added Lajos.

Lajos had travelled to other parts of the world as well on similar trips (Senegal, Ethiopia, and Pakistan), and he takes away the same principals every time: the lasting joy and happiness is originating from activities focused on helping a cause and impacting directly or indirectly other people’s lives.

Lajos plans to do more IT work at Karanda Hospital, and he has also discussed the need to setup a computer network at a college in Harare.

VIVO is glad to have taken part in helping Lajos Koppanyi implement IT in Zimbabwe, Africa.  We are thankful that our employees, friends, and MILESTONE were able to contribute to the Karanda Mission Hospital and help them save lives.

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