Dear Vivo Recruiter:


Dear Vivo Recruiter:


Something doesn't smell right. Should you say something?

Dear VR:

As part of our interview process, we invite candidates in to shadow us for a day. A stellar candidate spent yesterday with me. The problem is he had extreme halitosis.

What should I have done? Should I tell HR the real reason I don’t want him to work here? Should we hire him anyway, and overlook the bad breath? Should we tell him?

PS: I now think this may be the reason he’s been unemployed for the past year.


Still Gagging

Dear SG:

That is a tricky situation. It is definitely your right to say nothing and just decline to hire this candidate. You don’t owe him or anyone else anything more. But, just think of how much he might benefit from learning the truth. What if no one has ever told him?

Be honest with your HR department. Perhaps your HR Partner would be willing to speak up.

Each of us has had to suggest deodorant, bathing, and even had to ask consultants to step up their laundry habits. It’s a moment of discomfort for all involved. But once done, we all breathe a bit easier…