TechServe Alliance IT & Engineering Staffing Conference 2013

TechServe Alliance IT & Engineering Staffing Conference 2013


Last week, CEO Marilyn Weinstein and Recruiting Manager, Darren Guion attended the 2013 TechServe Alliance IT & Engineering Staffing Conference, in Las Vegas, Nevada – a first time event for both Marilyn and Darren.   Both expected to meet competitors, and share war stories. But, what they took away – and shared with the team – is applicable to any manager in every industry.  Some highlights:

  • Take a page from winning sports teams. Legendary sports coaches work with well-written playbooks. Their entire teams are trained on these plays, and they repeatedly practice the same plays, over and over, prior to any on-field play. Star high school athletes do not get to walk on the field and tell their college coach, “Hey Coach, I know you have some plays you’d like me to learn. But, I kind of got my own thing going.

Yet, managers regularly start employees before they’re fully trained. Moreover, rules are constantly being changed to meet the work style of employees.

  • Make sure everyone knows his role in the company’s success. From the receptionist through your execs – can you honestly say that all of your employees understand how your company makes money, and feels the connection between their role and the company earning money? No? Change this immediately. Make sure everyone understands his contribution. Stat!
  • Develop an accountability system that’s right for your organization.  All of us have performance evaluations and the like in our organization. But, ranking an employee once a year on subjective HR-created performance standards has little to do with stated goals being met. What works for your team/company is entirely up to your team or your company. Whether writing a promise on sticky notes, or tying compensation to weekly goals is your “thing” doesn’t matter. But, find your thing, and let the accountability flow!


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