“So How Come You’re Celebrating 5 Years in a Parking Lot?” – Because We Said So (and, because it’s going to be awesome)

“So How Come You’re Celebrating 5 Years in a Parking Lot?” – Because We Said So (and, because it’s going to be awesome)

It doesn’t take a whole lot to get the Vivo team excited—great client service does it, as does a perfect candidate placement, a Sharks playoff run, and finding out our favorite food truck will be where we are at lunch time. But, we have to admit, our excitement for our 5 Year Anniversary Party on August 11th is on a whole different level. Being in business for five years—particularly for THESE past five years, which weren’t exactly ideal for starting a business—is quite the achievement and it deserves a celebration that will be remembered for the next five years and beyond by all attendees.

But apparently,  our decision to host our party out doors in our parking lot has some invitees scratching their heads. So to help clear things up, we posed a few questions (well, made up, but they reflect the questions we’ve been hearing lately) for our CEO Marilyn Weinstein to clear the air and describe the rationale for this—ahem, awesome—decision:

Q: So you’re celebrating five years in business? It seems like you guys have been rocking for longer than that! Where will the party be taking place?

A: We’re celebrating in true Vivo-style: uniquely. The party will take place in our parking lot, which is perfect for the fun-filled evening of games, entertainment and gourmet food trucks that we have planned.

Q: Your parking lot? Really, you didn’t want to reserve a room or two at the (LOCAL RESTAURANT/BAR, ETC)?

A: That’s not our style—just like in our work, we’re all about pushing boundaries and doing things in our own style. It’s worked well for us in business, and it’s going to work well for us on August 11th. Besides, those corporate functions? Played out. Haven’t you read my article on the phrase “work shifting?” Stodgy catered dinners aren’t our style. Bring on the food trucks!

Q: Oh cool, so it’s more of a laid-back, get some sun outside, affair?

A: No, not quite. Laid back? We place the best IT talent from the Silicon Valley in huge positions! This is no time to get complacent. We’re going to make this a night to remember—we’ll share stories, recognize folks, eat, drink and be merry. But we’re doing it the right way—we’ll have the “Vivo Bus” on hand to provide round-trip transportation to several South Bay and Peninsula locations.

Q: Awesome, can I come?

A: RSVP, and we’ll see you there!

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