Our Brush with Greatness (warning: Geek Alert! We’re showing our true nerd here. Read on!)

Our Brush with Greatness (warning: Geek Alert! We’re showing our true nerd here. Read on!)

Vivo’s Business Development Manager, Sandra Brown knew her son-in-law was impressive, but the rest of us (mere humans) struggled to understand exactly what Jesse Anderson’s greatness entailed– until now.

So, perhaps (and if you’re a Vivo fan, this may be more likely than not?) you are actually familiar with the age-old adage, “give 1 million monkeys 1 million typewriters and they’ll eventually type the entire works of William Shakespeare”. Well, if you’re like us (pre-Sandra), you heard it, but assumed since you didn’t know 1 million monkeys, there was little reason to argue against this important supposition in the world of probabilities. Until now.

It seems, our very own Sandra has been hiding her genius son-in-law and hadoop programmer, who has used Hadoop to (virutally) recreate the Infinite Monkey Theorem.  And, none of us would have understood our (grasping here) fifteen minutes of fame, if not for the publicity Jesse has been generating.

International news organizations like CNN and others, have been covering those darned monkeys — and Jesse — around the clock.


Now, it’s important to note Jesse’s humble roots, so that each of us can find our own source of inspiration, should the moment hit us.  Jesse found his inspiration from a random “The Simpsons” episode, in which Mr. Burns chains up 1,000 monkeys, giving them the task of writing a great novel and berating one of them for typing, “It was the best of times. It was the blurst of times.”

Jesse’s monkeys have already penned far better than Burns’ monkeys, and are on their way to completing many more impressive works before they’re done. Until his monkeys are done, we’d like to raise a glass — or a banana – to toast to Jesse, his monkeys, and to Sandra who is enjoying her family’s time in the spot light. Well-done!

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