Linux Virtualization Meetup

Linux Virtualization Meetup


As more and more organizations move to the cloud, the market for highly skilled Linux Administrators, grows smaller and smaller. Unsurprisingly, companies like mine have to do what we can to keep growing our network of the best Linux folks. One way Vivo stays connected with our network is by hosting Linux Meetups with leading Silicon Valley Linux Professionals sharing their insight among the attendees.

On December 10, 2013, I had the opportunity to attend one such event, as Vivo hosted the Meetup, “Linux Virtualization with KVM: How Things Work.” Presenter Kevin Dankwardt, discussed issues revolving around implementation of virtualization on Linux with KVM. Kevin reminded the crowd, “Linux Virtualization is a key enabler of cloud infrastructure. “He went on to give the attendees specifics on using the Linux Kernel Virtual Manager (KVM), through the user-space virtualization component, QEMU, accelerated by secure and efficient access to hardware and kernel facilities for virtualization.

Please look out for more events like this, hosted by Vivo, in 2014. And, come say “hello” while you are there, and let me know what else you think I should know as a senior Linux recruiter!

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