How A CEO Accomplishes Work-Life Balance

How A CEO Accomplishes Work-Life Balance


Here is a sneak peak of Marilyn’s article:

“So as one of those women in a position of ownership, the question I am probably asked the most is—how do I find time for my family? How much balance do I have?

Here are the four steps for anyone else, male or female, who may be interested in achieving my skewed version of balance.”


Marilyn Weinstein is Vivo’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, responsible for overall strategy and business growth and development. Prior to starting iTalent Solutions in 2006—the successful effort which paved the way for Vivo’s launch in 2009—Marilyn was Vice President and General Counsel for AlphaSoft Services Corp., where she served on the company’s Executive Team for over seven years. She helped AlphaSoft grow from a start up to a $50 million per year, multi-office success story.