Getting Strategic with your organization.

Getting Strategic with your organization.

Every quarter, Silicon Valley Network and Infrastructure executives get together in an informal setting to network and discuss real-world problems that are common to the group. Yesterday, we were privileged to host another SVNiE luncheon.

During the meeting we welcomed Bill Chan, a Vivo partner, as he facilitated a discussion on The Strategic IT Organization: Optimizing Your Team For Business Success . Bill has implemented his proven methodology at numerous Silicon Valley-area companies, and we knew this would be a highly interactive session.

Participants shared common issues such as how to handle situations when you are asked to deliver more with less or when your CFO announces the edict to “cut all contractors”.

But what happens when you really don’t have the ability to cut these individuals? The issues and risks associated with maxing out the team when contractors are already placed in key roles persisted throughout the discussion as participants expressed a desire for insights and examples. Bill and the group walked through scenarios for proactively addressing these issues and the importance of managing up, as appropriate. He sent everyone away with some simple checklists for making immediate strides.

All in all another great SVNiE event. We remain proud of our involvement and excited to underwrite this important group!

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