Experienced Security Consultants Protect Enterprise Data

Experienced Security Consultants Protect Enterprise Data

Companies are eliminating vulnerabilities by contracting Security Analysts and Program Managers to identify outdated security systems. Bringing in a fresh pair of eyes uncovers security threats that have gone unnoticed allowing IT Engineers to implement proper safeguards.


The estimated cost of enterprise cyber-attacks from network security weaknesses was a shocking $100 billion in 2013. Just two years later, this cyber-crime “wave” officially escalated to an “epidemic” when cyber criminals started working harder than most companies to identify system weaknesses.

Thousands of companies scrambled to hire security teams to run risk assessments and system updates. Unfortunately, it was too late for many businesses… Costing more than $400 billion in 2015.

Everyone wonders how security hacks can happen to such well established brands such as Target, Bank of America, and Comcast? Cyber criminals aren’t going out of business anytime soon – Hackers are very lucrative and enjoy the challenge.

A prime example of one of the more notorious hacks happened less than a year ago…

The “Impact Team” – After the Ashleymadison.com website was hacked more than 25 gigabytes of company information was released to the public. The data included every user’s personal information (Social Security Number, real names, and home addresses). This website was not chosen by chance. The company’s business model made it more vulnerable than most because it encouraged married people to engage in affairs. The information released publicized scandalous activities by the victims resulting in three known suicides, dozens of divorces, and reported extortion.

The hacker responsible is still a wanted fugitive.



According to a recent report from Juniper Networks, we will see another quadrupling in cyber-crime cost for the next three years. In total, it is about $2.1 trillion by the year 2019. When that much is at stake, you leverage every resource available to keep your security system resilient.

How do you protect the integrity of your company’s intellectual property? Is there a fraud-proof security system or method?

  1. Fresh Security Talent: It’s important to rotate security analysts. Bringing in someone new with a fresh pair of eyes who will notice outdated security systems or possible threats that have gone unnoticed.
  2. Keeping up with Security Trends: Rotating the risk assessment role every one to two years will provide a revolving door of experts from other companies with new ideas and experience looking at things from a different point of view. They bring with them new tools and security trends that other companies are seeing.
  3. Internal Hackers: If you want to know how to stop cyber criminals, one of the most effective methods is to contract one. Hire a hacker to find all the holes in your system, and then fix them.




Marilyn Weinstein is Vivo’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, responsible for overall strategy and business growth and development. Prior to starting iTalent Solutions in 2006—the successful effort which paved the way for Vivo’s launch in 2009—Marilyn was Vice President and General Counsel for AlphaSoft Services Corp., where she served on the company’s Executive Team for over seven years. She helped AlphaSoft grow from a start up to a $50 million per year, multi-office success story.