Existing EMRs are Not the Panacea Some Think

Existing EMRs are Not the Panacea Some Think

According to Healthcare IT News, a recent report by the Center for Studying Health System Change showed that EMRs are not as helpful as hoped in enabling the exchange of information across physician practices and care settings. http://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/study-finds-gap-between-emr-vision-reality

The study suggests a major disconnect between policy makers’ expectations and doctors’ experiences with their EMR and EHR technologies.  In a nutshell, this article found what Vivo has been sharing with its clients all along – despite software vendors’ assertions, technology alone is not the answer.  What is needed is a redesign of care processes and work flow; clinicians will also need to adopt new ways of working and communicating within practices and across organizations.

This is precisely why practices are calling Vivo. With our unique Workflow Process Analysis and Report of Findings Phasing Process, we walk our clients through simple, structured changes they can make within their medical practice to ensure EHR/EMR expectations are met.

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