Consultant Corner – Meet Peggy Florence!

Consultant Corner – Meet Peggy Florence!

f74f2298-0724-4b6b-89ba-14aa8eb25045Peggy lives in San Jose, Ca and is an avid traveler. This year she went to Cuba, Cancun and Switzerland. This Vivoer also enjoys biking from winery to winery in Santa Cruz, Livermore and Mendocino.


Peggy has ventured all over the world, including having raised her children for 4 years in the Netherlands. She notes that kids there have more independence and are not made to learn in a specific manner, as they are in the US.  The best benefit of having lived where kids are taught in this particular manner is seeing her own children, Ashley and Jay, growing up and making better independent decisions themselves.


Peggy has also worked abroad, aside from travel: in the Netherlands for 4 years and Israel for 7 months. She venerates these life experiences, which really taught her how to have a better understanding of cross cultures, work styles, and work ethics.


Now for some fun Q and A. We asked Peggy some very important, life-altering questions:


Q: Who should be cast as you in the movie of your life? 
A: Sophia Loren (when she was my age)


Q: Do you have a theme song? What is it? 
A: What have you done for me lately, by Janet Jackson


Q: Who was your first celebrity crush, when you were a teen or tween? 
A: Markie Mark’s calvin Klein underwear ad. That was HOT!


Q: Which is worse – finding out the chicken you ate wasn’t chicken, or the place you ate at wasn’t a restaurant? 
A: Finding out the chicken wasn’t chicken, I think that would keep me from ever eating chicken!


Q: What do you do when a baby aggressively stares you down in public? 
A: I’d make faces at the baby.


Q: Who is your favorite person at Vivo, other than yourself?
A: I have many favorites, but Harp is the ultimate!!


Thank you for indulging us in this month’s Consultant Corner, Peggy!


Send us your fun interview questions and we will ask them in the next Consultant Corner.
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