Agile Transformation


The world’s largest health services company, with over $100 billion globally in annual revenue.


Comprised of globally and vertically dispersed customer base and service offerings, and after dozens of acquisitions over the past several decades, the company was also experiencing increased demand for technical solutions to meet customer needs and grow market share by winning new customers. There was a need to transform how IT was organized, both enterprise wide, and in each business unit, to deliver against these demands that will determine our rate of success and how that impacts customer satisfaction. Historically, the company was aligned in a traditional way, more suited to “waterfall” than “agile” management methodologies. As the company moved to cloud-based solutions, the org design and work management practices also needed to evolve to realize the most benefits possible.


By deploying a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) and transforming the manner in which IT serviced its customers, Vivo has trained more than 1000 people worldwide and has launched 8 agile release trains. The company now has fully competent, self-sustaining Agilists, and an Agile Center of Excellence that is supported by 12 coaches with an overall program manager “coach of coaches.” Following the training of IT teams, individual business units will be engaged to align other corporate functions (legal, HR, Finance, Sales and Marketing) to mirror IT workflows to ensure efficient project completion.


Here are some of the major benefits of Agile:

  • iBetter Product Quality
  • iiHigher Customer Satisfaction
  • iiiHigher Team Morale
  • ivIncreased Collaboration and Ownership
  • vCustomized Team Structures
  • viMore Relevant Metrics
  • viiImproved Performance Visibility
  • viiiImproved Project Predictability
  • vivReduced Risk

Overall, the adoption of an Agile methodology will allow the organization to work faster with better outputs that in return will help manage risk and change more efficiently.