I’m Omar Qureshi,
Engagement Manager
at Vivo.


Engagement Manager

What’s the one app you can’t live without?


In an alternate universe, what would your profession be?

Jedi Knight

Who is your favorite historical person?

Suleiman the Magnificent

What book or film is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Pineapple Express

What’s the one thing you try to learn about someone when you meet them?

What their hobbies are

What YouTube dance do you wish would die?

The Dab

What do you think is the best quality that you bring to Vivo?

My ability to interact with people from varied backgrounds.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

Riding a Vespa around Paris at 3 am with no particular destination in mind.

What’s your least favorite interview question?

What do you think your biggest weakness is.

What’s your favorite Halloween costume ever?

Darth Maul in college!


Bay Area native, Omar Qureshi, spent 4 years in technology sales prior to joining Vivo as our newest Engagement Manager. A UC Santa Cruz graduate, Omar’s diverse interests include flying drones, riding motorcycles and traveling the world.

Omar speaks an impressive 3 languages – 4 if you count hip hop as a “language”. When not at Vivo, you can find Omar at the dog park with his two giant husky mix dogs, Navi and Stefi.

Omar claims he’d be lost without What’s App, but those of us at Vivo know he’d be lost without his hidden camera app, used to spy on his dogs’ antics, while he’s at work!