I’m Judy Tang,
Director of Business Operations
at Vivo.


Director of Business Operations
7 Years at Vivo | 7 Years in the Industry

In an alternate universe, what would your profession be?

A lawyer from Law & Order.

Who is your favorite historical person?

James Madison, one of the authors of The Federalist Papers.

What do you think is the best quality that you bring to Vivo?

My ability to look holistically at a situation and come up with different ideas and solutions in a brainstorming session, and to be able to take those and create an executable project plan.

What’s your least favorite interview question?

As an interviewer, “Tell me your 3 strengths and weaknesses and why?”I never really learn anything, except that they know how to answer this question the right or wrong way.

Tell us about your favorite April Fool’s Day prank that you played on someone.

I attached a bullhorn noise maker to the CEO’s door that sounded off when she walked through. It scared the crap out of her.


Judy Tang isn’t native to the Bay Area, but she’s no stranger to it either. She grew up about two hours to the east in Elk Grove, California, just outside of Sacramento.

After graduating from the University of California, Davis, Judy worked at a number of tech startups and financial companies, eventually landing at start-up TrialPay, which was ultimately acquired by Visa in 2015. Judy was the first HR person at the company to implement an HRIS system, allowing for the electronic processing of human resource information, producing major increases in efficiency and productivity.

Recently, Judy became committed to improving her health and fitness, as well as spending more time with her husband and two children. As a die-hard Kings fan, she’s extremely excited about the team’s new Golden 1 Center in Downtown Sacramento. In addition, she loves trying new restaurants and sampling foods while traveling, and is planning on visiting Iceland in the near future.