I’m Alison,
HR Generalist
at Vivo.


HR Generalist

What book is your favorite guilty pleasure?

The Harry Potter series, both the books and movies. I love them both, but the books more.

What’s the one app you can’t live without?

The weather app. I always want to know what the weather is. I get cold really easily, so I like to be prepared.

What’s your least favorite interview question?

“In 5 years, where do you want to be?” I understand the question gives the interviewer a look at what kind of person you are and what you are striving to be, but 5 years is quite a bit of time, and sometimes things change!


Like many Bay Area residents, Alison Floco didn’t stray too far away from where she grew up. A Bay Area native, Alison developed and refined the skills that make her an indispensable as an HR advisor at a local start-up. As Alison notes, “In a start-up environment, most processes have not yet been created,” despite the fact that “they are vital to a company’s success.”

Alison was responsible for building the company’s necessary processes and procedures from the ground up, covering such necessities as safety, recruitment, payroll, training, benefits, administration, and creating an employee handbook. Thanks to her time in the start-up pressure cooker, Alison has the experience necessary to ensure that our employees are taken care of and happy at Vivo.

When she’s not handling all things HR, Alison enjoys spending time with friends and family, especially when that time is spent outdoors. Her favorite activities include hiking, walking, barbecuing, winetasting, and playing bocce ball. Her indoor activities tend to be much more low-key: bowling and “being lazy and watching movies.” We can definitely say that Alison has more than earned every bit of downtime that she gets!