IT Security and IP Protection

Vivo understands that it is not outsiders or technological advances—but your own employees who pose the biggest threat to your IT and intellectual property (IP) security defense chain. Vivo’s IT Security and IP Protection team advocates workforce education and collaborative training, in parallel to the legal and technology solutions and procedures.  Our process follows a similar flow to our other core practices.

We begin by conducting a risk assessment—identifying where your organization’s most valued assets are stored, that includes everything from data centers to hand-held mobile devices.  Throughout the entire length of engagement, we’ll review the business’ compliance, security and privacy needs and regulations to ensure that the proper checks and balances are implemented to insure your investments are wisely appropriated.

Since IT Security and IP Protection core your business, the list of must-haves grows and shrinks with your needs.  Vivo understands that each case is unique, so no individual industry angle will help to address your unique needs.  That is why our IT Security experts come from diverse backgrounds: manufacturing, banking, healthcare, mobile technology and Web technology.

As the protection program and resource trainings begin, examples of more prominent items that we focus on include:

  • Defining asset hierarchy—what is most at risk within and outside the walls of your company
  • Establishing Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) protocol—preparing and training your team on the importance of keeping their word and the penalties associated with leaking information
  • Engagement in regular security education seminars and awareness programs
  • Scheduling communication briefings with executive and senior teams who oversee intellectual capital
  • Set appropriate technology use, such as restricting sensitive data unencrypted over the web or via e-mail
  • Establishing IT and IP protocols/localization with off-shore and outsourced partners-vendors
  • E-discovery Program Design and Management

For more information on Vivo’s IT Security and IP Protection practice, case studies, and to inquire about a free initial assessment, send us an email and we’ll be swift to respond to your request >