Data Center Optimization

Best-practice Data Center Optimization (DCO) solutions help IT organizations discover what they have, determine what they need and automatically implement the appropriate resources, all while controlling the impact of change and assuring business service levels.

Vivo’s DCO solutions help IT organizations gain firm control of IT resources, a critical first step to business and IT alignment.

The push to get out of the data center business is officially underway.  As a business enabler—not a cost center—IT must take the lead in making this a reality.  It’s the IT department that should examine areas where their business infrastructure costs are out of line with overall budget, while seeking ways to optimize the cost-intensive data center.  With shrinking budgets, and growing data storage needs, this issue is a number one priority for many of our clients who seek our help in mending this growing problem.

Some alarming facts in support of an optimization effort include*:

  • Data centers consume almost .5% of the World’s energy production
  • The average data center consumes energy equivalent to 25,000 households
  • Over the next three years, 90% of companies running large data centers will need to expand their power and cooling capabilities

With a Data Center Optimization team that includes a world-renowned leader in Cloud Computing, as well as numerous vendor-agnostic industry-leading virtualization experts, Vivo analyzes and designs programs to meet each of our client’s unique needs.  Whether it is elasticity and scalability that are highest on your R&D priority list, or the cost-cutting and electricity demands of your facilities’ executives, or if you’re simply building out your Disaster Recovery program, we provide the expertise you need to hit these issues head on.