Vivo’s approach is straightforward: exceed our client’s expectations. Our experienced leader—seasoned and passionate IT practitioner—oversee and direct service delivery by providing behind the scenes guidance for your mission-critical IT needs. We strive to provide the right answers for any technology need you have. Our partners shouldn’t have to spend time researching dozens of strategic and resource-based solutions. This is why Vivo evaluates only the best and most relevant options on our end. For a technology leadership position, that means sending you two or three perfect candidates. For niche practices like Healthcare Informatics and Data Center Optimization, it means delivering laser focused strategy and resource options to make strategic implementations more fluid. Providing roadmaps for improved performance is one thing. Providing the crew to get you there is why Vivo maintains its valued partnerships.

Our People



Marilyn Weinstein | Founder and CEO

Marilyn Weinstein is Vivo’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, responsible for overall strategy and business growth and development.

Prior to starting iTalent Solutions in 2006—the successful effort which paved the way for Vivo’s launch in 2009—Marilyn was Vice President and General Counsel for AlphaSoft Services Corp., where she served on the company’s Executive Team for over seven years. She helped AlphaSoft grow from a start up to a $50 million per year, multi-office success story.

Marilyn’s background also includes advisement and counsel service to mid and enterprise-level organizations. As an employment law expert, Marilyn focused her pre-IT experience in the areas of organizational development and corporate compliance. As a mother to three young boys, and a lawyer by trade, Marilyn claims all she really needed to learn about business she learned during her years as a bartender.

1Lance Lennier | Chief Sales Officer

Having joined the team in 2014, Chief Sales Officer, Lance Lennier brings nearly two decades of experience in staffing and consulting sales and operations management to Vivo. Prior to joining Vivo, Lance held senior management positions overseeing local, national, and global teams for M Squared and CDI Corporation. Throughout his career, Lance has been able to lead organizations to new heights by employing a structured and disciplined “client-centric” approach to business.

Lance credits his success as a leader largely to his early days as an athlete. As a former collegiate athlete, his competitive nature and team-based business philosophies were developed early. Lance’s belief in the power of a well-honed team is obvious in every team he manages.

melissa1-259x300Melissa Faith | Director of Client Services

Melissa Faith joined Vivo in 2011 with over a decade of staffing and workforce management experience. As Vivo’s Director of Client Services, Melissa oversees Vivo’s service delivery teams, and is responsible for customizing “best in class” and unique solutions for the companies with whom we partner.

Prior to crossing over to the supplier side at  Vivo, Melissa  designed, implemented, and managed large MSP/VMS contingent workforce management programs for industry leaders: Manpower, PRO Unlimited, and Randstad. She and her teams consistently delivered project-based SOW, staff augmentation, and full Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions with experience and client-specific precision.

A lover of all things well-written, Melissa is an avid reader and aspiring writer. With a background in Journalism and Communications, she uses this interest as a creative outlet and often lends these skills to family and friends, as well as clients and candidates.